Gabriel Levy, PE

Fire Protection Engineer


  • Member of SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers)

  • International Code Council – Colorado Chapter

Federal, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Education


When he isn't analyzing the three modes of heat transfer

Gabriel is loving his new life in Denver, Colorado. As a San Diego native, he has never experienced such incredible wilderness, such an active city, or such frigid cold. Replacing his surfboard for a snowboard was not an easy transition, but Gabriel is ready to shred the gnar. After work, you can find him climbing at the local gym, buying supplies at the local homebrew store, or rolling a D20 with his dungeons and dragons friends.


Gabriel is actively networking with the fire protection and building development community. He attends monthly Rocky Mountain SFPE meetings and is still an active member of the Cal Poly SFPE chapter. He is always looking to make interpersonal relationships with his clients, whether that be through side-by-side work and frequent meetings, or celebratory beers after a successful submittal.


Federal, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and Education

Gabriel has a very strong understanding of thermal analysis and fluid dynamics. Smoke and heat movement theory comes naturally to him and his ability to apply first-order fundamental equations to complex building environments is valuable to our team. He is a wizard with computer modeling, and no open space is too complex for him to design a compliant and efficient smoke control system.

Gabriel's experience includes atrium and holding-cell smoke control systems, residential high-rise code consulting, life safety sheet design, and evaluating alternative, but equivalent, means of complying with specific code language when the prescriptive approach is technically infeasible.