Incandescence life safety is passionate about our field and the value we bring to each project. Making buildings safe from fire is what gets us up every day, but saving our clients time, project costs, and stress regarding schedule is what gets us invited back for the next project. Protect the schedule, protect the budget, and protect the future is our mantra.

Incandescence life safety believes in:

Incandescence life safety fire protection engineers are advocates for the design team and client, applying specialized knowledge so that other team members can spend design time and efforts effectively, ensuring seamless solutions for our client’s occupants and property. We have a proven approach and technical ability to operate beyond the confines of prescriptive codes and standards by applying the science of fire safety and by providing performance-based solutions specific to each projects goals and needs. This ability mitigates late-stage delays by integrating necessary safety systems and eliminating unnecessary system components, reducing the life-cycle cost of our client’s facilities.

  • Bringing a straightforward and transparent process to solve compliance challenges - making the design process more efficient. 

  • Creating a legacy of safe buildings, great projects, and an improved practice of design for safety and compliance.

  • Working with owners, designers, and agencies that desire real and sustainable solutions to compliance issues.

Fire and life safety consulting is what, and all we do

Advocating for You

Straightforward process, great projects, & sustainable solutions

Through this experience and expertise, we have the ability to provide our clients a single means for all of our clients' fire protection and consulting service needs. We know our team can provide:

  • The most responsive service
  • The best and most innovative design solutions
  • A solution you can trust