When she isn't contemplating the benefits of fire-rated corridors​



Lydia is new to the fire protection field but has always been passionate about energy, engineering, and efficiency. Her deep understanding of chemistry and atomic physics adds a unique viewpoint to our team. She “Excels” at data analysis and loves that feeling of finding the one perfect solution to a system.

Lydia’s fire protection experience includes life safety sheet design, code compliance, and hydraulic analysis. She thoroughly enjoys exploring and presenting the best possible solutions unique to each project and its collective goals. She is a Fire Protection Engineer-in-Training and plans to begin taking graduate courses this fall.

Although she misses New York City at times, Lydia loves Colorado and has a great time exploring the different parts of Denver she’s never been. Her favorite activities are kissing her cat Matcha (even when she doesn’t approve), playing basketball at the nearby court (so long as it’s not too hot), and upholding her title as the greatest Wii tennis player in the world.

Federal, Commercial, Residential, Coal Mine Methane, Carbon Sequestration, Emission Reductions, Legislation

Lydia is dead set on becoming a full-fledged Fire Protection Engineer. She has attended one Rocky Mountain SFPE meeting and plans to attend more. She learns so much from her coworkers every day and is enthusiastic about learning as much as she possibly can!

Lydia Hammond

Fire Protection EIT