​"I was a fire fighter and architecture student.  When I learned that a specialized field existed that would allow me to apply science to building design, I knew I had found my calling.  The ability to affect building design before a fire ever starts is much more attractive than waiting until there is an emergency.  

​By helping to design new buildings, renovate and retrofit older buildings, I can leave a lasting legacy of safety and help my industry improve its product.  I can help save the lives of the future occupants and first-responders while I promote clarity in design and compliance."


Alex Schieber, PE​ 

Director of Design Technologies

8 Years Experience

An Experienced Voice in Your Corner 

Garrett Pelton 
Director of Professional Development

4 Years Experience

“Watching my father retire as a fire fighter after 37 years it was clear that he still wanted to go work even if he wasn’t being paid to do it. As an engineer I have had to adjust the application in how I implement my father’s influence on my development, but it is the driver behind my involvement in this industry. His legacy serves as a reminder that life safety systems are designed for the occupants and that my work has the potential to have a positive impact on these inhabitants. That in the unlikely event anyone experiences the full capability of my design that those systems serve that population and client as intended with full integrity."


“I enjoy the challenge and ability to contribute to the less-apparent, safety-related aspects of building design, and the challenge of finding creative solutions to complex compliance issues. At the end of the day, it might be the least-apparent features of the building that make the most difference."​​

Todd Daily, PE


20 Years Experience